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Why Leathers

Why Leathers?

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Ever wondered why serious motorcycle riders wear leather?

Is it an image statement?

When you’re new to motorcycling, you may think it is an image statement. To look cool and fit the profile. The cruiser Harley guys and girls, or the superbike fans, the Valentino Rossi or Marc Marques wannabe’s. And then there’s the adventure riders or “Stof Donkies”, definitely a completely different breed. Last but not least, you have your typical old school riders. Well, there is a lot more reasons behind motorcyclists wearing leathers than just looking the part.


• The main reason is for protection. Leather has proven over and over that it provides better protection than regular clothes when riding a motorcycle. Leather jackets and vests are worn to protect vital body parts in case of an accident or crash.

• Studies have shown over time that the less protection you wear while riding a motorcycle the higher the risk is of severe injuries.

• In the case of an accident leather does a much better job at protecting your skin than most other materials. Leather is made from animal skin which is obviously much tougher than human skin. It won’t give you a 100% coverage in case of a crash, but for the first few seconds of impact or sliding, you will be covered by the leather which will make a whole lot of difference to your own hide.

Which one do you prefer?


Fortunately for the more fashionable riders, stores have begun to sell different types of leather apparel, especially jackets that will please even the most critical fashion guru.

Other functionalities of leather.

Apart from protection it has become a huge part of the culture. Many motorcyclists use their leather jackets to display something special to them like their club colors, military patches, or a to show their support for a cause such as breast cancer, etc.

As the saying goes “The proof is in the pudding.” There certainly is a reason why all MotoGP and Superbike riders only wear leather suits. Leather suits have not been replaced by other materials over the years even though there has been fantastic development of fabric technology. It is still the No. 1 way to protect you during a fall when riding.

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